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Book of Travels – Pre-order store for late pledges

Created by Book of Travels from Might and Delight

Welcome to the Book of Travels ”late pledge”-page for everyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign. This BackerKit store is a second, and last, chance to support our TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) – and get a few of the Kickstarter perks like heavy discounted price on Book of Travels bundles + your name in the credits. ”Join Book of Travels and become part of a unique social roleplaying experience that doesn’t hold your hand. Inspired by genre classics, this is an online adventure that sets you adrift in an intricate fairytale world... but it’s also an invitation to roleplay without the restraints of linear quests and plotlines.” Learn more by visit the campaign on Kickstarter:

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